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Holiney Vasyl mengatakan...

My name is Vasyl. I am from Logaster - online logo generator.
I have decided to contact you after reading your article “9 Situs Gratis Untuk Membuat Logo".
I liked it and you made an impression of a reputable site with quality content.

I would to ask you if it is possible to add a few words about Logaster to the article “9 Situs Gratis Untuk Membuat Logo"?

Our service can create logos automatically, it has enough editing and customizations tools.
It provides an all-purpose online service that can serve as your full-time designer.

The improved article will be more interesting and useful for your visitors and more people will know about our service.

We can prepare a few words for the article - only true information without advertising.
If you are open to the idea, we can offer in return $35.

Let us know about your decision. Maybe you have your own propositions on how we can add a few words about Logaster to the article?
Best regards,
Content manager Vasyl.

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